Diamond grinding wheel for carbide saw blades 3A1 80X32X6X4 X8T
Size: 3A1 80X32X6X4 X8T Diamond grinding wheel for carbide saw blades. We offer standard diamond wheel shapes including top, face, and side grinding wheels.
Product description

Size:  3A1 80X32X6X4 X8T

Grinding cup wheel is made of high quality material, wear resistance, long service time. Grinder disc cutter tool is compact size for easier portability and storage.

High Grinding Efficiency.Grinding wheel consumption is relatively slow, good self-sharpening, small grinding heat,  can bring you more convenience.

Resin bond for uncomplicated grinding operation with good material removal rates, while maintaining a low thermal influence on the work piece.

Other Diameters are available.

Other Grits are available.