Tips for external cylindrical grinding with diamond grinding wheel

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The circular bonded abrasive with a through hole in the middle made of diamond abrasive as raw material and metal powder, resin powder, ceramic and electroplated metal as binders is called diamond grinding wheel. The external cylindrical grinding techniques of diamond grinding wheel manufacturers are as follows.

1. Longitudinal grinding method of diamond grinding wheel. The working efficiency of this method is relatively low, but its quality is relatively good, and the roughness is relatively low compared with similar products. During grinding, the rotation of the diamond grinding wheel is very high, and the process is not in rotation. The workbench is a composite longitudinal operation. The grinding wheel will be replenished once in each operation or process, and the remaining things will be cut off.

2. Grinding technique. It is also called horizontal grinding method. This is relatively high in efficiency, but it also has its shortcomings. Its grinding force is very large and the temperature is relatively high, so there must be enough cooling liquid during grinding. The rotation of the diamond grinding wheel of the grinding wheel manufacturer is a main driving force, and the rotation of the process and the movement of the grinding wheel lead to continuous replenishment. The workbench of the grinding wheel will not have longitudinal movement. The width of the diamond grinding wheel and the grinding width will be relatively large until the grinding reaches the size used.

3. Compound grinding technique. This is a combination of the above two. The efficiency of compound grinding and grinding method is relatively high, and the quality is relatively good; it also has certain advantages in other advantages. When grinding, we have to use the workpiece segmented form for rough grinding, and the rest is processed with a grinding disc.

4. Deep grinding method. Its production efficiency is very high, but the grinding wheel technology is relatively complex, and the overall structure of the workpiece is relatively high. It must have sufficient cutting-in and cutting-out lengths. When the grinding wheel manufacturer is grinding. The entire section of the grinding wheel will have a stepped shape. The speed and technique of the workpiece are very slow. The rest of the grinding is done by longitudinal grinding.