Application scope and characteristics of diamond resin grinding wheel

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Diamond resin grinding wheel is hard, strong and efficient. It is mainly used for grinding high-hard alloys, non-metallic materials, cutting hard and brittle carbide, non-metallic minerals, etc.

Such as carbide, ceramics, agate, semiconductor materials, stone, etc.

Characteristics of diamond resin grinding wheel:

(1) High cutting efficiency, and the grinding wheel wears slowly; that is, we often say that the service life is long.

(2) Good self-sharpening, small heat energy emitted during cutting, not easy to block, reducing the occurrence of workpiece burns during cutting.

(3) The grinding wheel has a certain elasticity, which is beneficial to improve the roughness of the metal surface. It is mainly used in fine grinding, semi-fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes.

(4) Diamond resin grinding wheel is low-temperature cured, with a short production and processing cycle, and relatively simple equipment and supply steps.

(5) Because the resin has fluidity, it is easy to form various shapes of grinding wheels.

Diamond resin grinding wheels can be divided into various shapes according to different workpiece grinding requirements and suitable for different types of cutting machines and equipment. For example, common shapes include parallel grinding wheels,

bowl grinding wheels, parallel arc grinding wheels, double bevel grinding wheels, etc.

In order to better help you distinguish the application range of each shape of diamond resin grinding wheel, the following is a general list for you. If there is any incomplete, please leave a message in time to supplement.

Parallel grinding wheel: mainly used for external cylindrical grinding and blade processing of cemented carbide

Parallel arc grinding wheel: mainly used for forming grinding of cemented carbide and forming grinding of arc surface

Bowl grinding wheel: mainly used for grinding of cemented carbide tools and high-speed steel tools

Double bevel grinding wheel: mainly used for forming cutting of cemented carbide gear hobs and thread tools