Types and uses of circular saw blades.

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Circular saw blade: is the general name for thin circular knives used for cutting solid materials. It can be divided into: diamond circular saw blades for stone cutting, high-speed steel circular saw blades for metal material cutting (without inlaid carbide blades), solid wood, furniture, artificial panels, aluminum alloys, and carbide saw blade profiles for aluminum cutting. , radiator, plastic, plastic steel, etc.

Wood circular saw blades are circular saw blades used for wood cutting, mainly including cross-cut saw blades, longitudinal saw blades and multi-blade saw blades. The tooth shape of wooden circular saw blades is generally left and right teeth, also known as alternating teeth. It has high cutting efficiency, is not easy to burn the blade, and is not easy to be sucked away by the wood. In addition to cross-cutting hardwood and softwood, our wood circular saw blades are also suitable for precision cuts in plywood, plywood, MDF and particle board.

Panel saw wood circular saw blades are used for precision cutting of density boards, fireproof boards, particleboards, veneered particleboards, and veneered density boards. The saw blade of the panel saw is simple and labor-saving to operate, has a large driving stroke and operates smoothly.

Marking saw wood circular saw blades use advanced marking methods when precision cutting boards, effectively avoiding the generation of debris during board cutting. The scribing saw blade is suitable for grooving the bottom of various double veneers and is used in conjunction with the main saw blade.

Iron circular saw blades refer to cutting saw blades used for iron materials and are used for precision cutting of cast iron, metal and other materials. Iron is resistant to high pressure and high temperature, and will generate high temperatures during the cutting process. Heat does not dissipate quickly during cutting, so the heat dissipation performance of the saw blade is very important. Improper selection will affect the service life of the saw blade.

Stainless steel circular saw blades are circular saw blades for steel cutting. They are mainly suitable for precision cutting of color steel tiles, ordinary angle steel, section steel, steel pipes, solid steel, etc. Stainless steel circular saw blades have stronger wear resistance, good resistance, and higher sawing quality, which can significantly improve the utilization rate of the saw blade, and its service life can be several times that of ordinary saw blades.

PCD circular saw blades are made of high carbon steel and are suitable for precision cutting of ceramic tiles, wall tiles, asbestos bricks, gypsum boards, and particle boards. PCD circular saw blades have strong acid resistance, the edge is not easy to dull, and the one-time molding quality after finishing is good. It has high wear resistance, is more wear-resistant than cemented carbide, and has a longer service life.

Acrylic circular saw blades are made of high carbon steel and carbide teeth and can precisely cut hard plastic, acrylic, printed circuit boards and other materials. Our acrylic circular saw blade is processed with a unique saw blade process, which has small swing and more stable cutting; it can achieve the effect of no glue melting and no edge falling off.

The aluminum alloy cutting saw blade is made of high carbon steel and carbide teeth, and can precisely cut aluminum alloy solid materials and various aluminum alloy profiles. Aluminum cutting blades are ultra-thin, material-saving, and much softer than those used to cut stainless steel. The rotational speeds that alloy saw blades made of different materials can withstand will also be different. Contact us to choose the product that's right for you.