How to keep carbide saw blades sharp

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1. Daily maintenance

Do alloy saw blades also need maintenance? Yes, any product requires maintenance. Although this product is a tool, it is also a consumable. If there is no reasonable maintenance, it will greatly affect the sharpness and service life of the saw blade.

a. Corresponding models and equipment

Alloy saw blades have strict requirements. Different models correspond to different equipment and cannot be matched at will. For example, saw blades used to cut metal are used to saw wood. This is a very common mistake. Some people think that cutting metal is Yes, cutting wood should be faster and sharper! If the saw blade used on a metal circular saw machine is used to cut wood, the result will be stuck teeth, chipped teeth, excessive consumption of the saw blade, and high cost.

b. Grasp the time to replace the saw blade

Carbide saw blades are consumables and have their own service life. During cutting and processing, if the service life has not expired, they will not be replaced until they are no longer usable! This is the wrong approach;

If the lifespan of a saw blade is to cut 40 square meters, it should be replaced when it cuts to 20 square meters. In this way, after a break, it can cut at least another 30 square meters. People will be more energetic after a break, and the same is true for products!

c. Association with its equipment

The quality of the metal circular saw machine equipment will also affect the quality of the saw blade. The coordination and compatibility between them are very important. If a good saw blade is placed on a very poor quality equipment, its effectiveness will be reduced by at least half. above.

The equipment cannot cut materials beyond the range. This will not only affect the performance and stability of the equipment, but also cause serious damage to the carbide saw blade. Similarly, the equipment should have a reasonable rest period, which can also drive the adjustment time of the saw blade. .

2. Grasp the details

1. The saw blade must be carefully cleaned before the end of the work, and no residue should be left on it. This will help maintain its sharpness;

2. During the installation process, be sure to strictly abide by its technical instructions. Do not install or operate in reverse!

3. Corresponding equipment and materials must be checked before work, and dirty sawing materials must be cleaned up in time;

4. During work, if it is found to be very hot, do not spray it directly with water. Oil mist should be used instead.

The above are basic maintenance methods. If you want to delay the sharpening of the carbide saw blade, you need to strictly follow the usage requirements.