Some knowledge about circular saw blade grinding

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1. Pay attention to the front-to-back ratio of 1:3. The remaining length and width of the saw tooth part measured from the tooth seat cannot be less than 1mm; the relevant operations must be strictly followed. Non-professionals are not allowed to operate. Maintain the correct method for grinding. Only the saw blade can continue to be used within a reasonable life span. If it is not sharpened correctly, it will only reduce the effectiveness and quality of the circular saw blade.

It is strictly forbidden to grind only from the front corner surface or only from the rear corner surface. This will greatly shorten the service life of the circular saw blade and also affect the next grinding state!

It is also important that the entire worn area should be adequately sanded. The circular saw blade is sharpened on an automatic sharpening machine. If it is sharpened manually on a general-purpose sharpening machine, it will seriously affect the quality of use. (The CNC sharpening machine can ensure that the front corner surface and the rear corner surface are ground in exactly the same direction)

In order to prevent greater wear of the grinding wheel, it is necessary to leave sufficient lateral protrusion from the side of the saw tooth to the saw body. On the other hand, the large lateral protrusions should be no larger than 1.0-1.2 mm per side to ensure the stability of the saw blade teeth.

2. Chip flute

Try to ensure the chip removal space to avoid grinding the chip removal groove at the same time due to grinding the saw teeth.

If the saw teeth collapse, you must go to the grinding center to replace the teeth. When welding, pay attention to using appropriate welding sound or other solder, and it is best to use a high-frequency welding machine.

3. Leveling and stressing

If you want to ensure the quality of the circular saw blade after grinding, be sure to use the leveling and stressing process. Don't avoid using it because of the trouble. Every time you grind the saw blade, check the flatness and stress value of the saw blade. Check and correct. Leveling can reduce the tolerance of saw blade runout, and add stress to give the saw body strength and elastic characteristics. This is an essential process for thin saw blades; the relationship between the outer diameter of the circular saw blade and the outer diameter of the flange It can be found in the DIN8083 standard; the outer diameter of the flange should not be less than 25-30% of the outer diameter of the circular saw blade.