How should we choose high-quality alloy saw blades?

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The alloy particles used in high-quality alloy saw blades are thicker and larger, because such alloy saw teeth can be sharpened many times and have a long service life. 

The welding quality of carbide is also very important. The welds must be thin and uniform, so that the saw teeth can withstand greater cutting forces.

In addition, the quality of the saw blade base is very important, because the saw blade adjusts and rotates,

it must not only transmit the cutting force but also maintain the stability of the work.

High-quality Banner saw blades not only possess static geometric dimensions and precision, but more importantly their dynamic characteristics.

Wood board processing will cause waste of scraps. The main reason is that when the saw blade is continuously cutting, 

the heat generated by the cutting of the alloy saw teeth will be conducted to the base body,

 causing the temperature of the base body to rise. A high-quality saw board can maintain the accuracy of its appearance in this case. , 

and a saw blade of poor quality will warp the saw board, affecting the sawing accuracy.

The dynamic stability of the saw board is particularly important when several saw blades are used in groups. 

How can the quality of longitudinal cutting be ensured when a multi-blade saw equipment uses a set of unstable saw blades. 

The saw plate and cutting head are integral components of a quality saw blade.