Structure and characteristics of diamond grinding wheel

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Diamond grinding wheels are professional grinding wheels made of diamond. If you want to purchase and use diamond grinding wheels, the following will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of diamond grinding wheels.

1. Structure

The structure of diamond grinding wheels is different from ordinary abrasive grinding wheels. It is generally composed of a diamond abrasive layer, a transition layer and a matrix.

The working layer, also called the diamond layer, is composed of abrasives, binders and fillers and is the working part of the grinding wheel. The transition layer, also known as the non-diamond layer, is composed of binder, metal powder and filler. It is the part that firmly connects the diamond layer to the substrate.

The base body is used to receive the abrasive layer and is firmly clamped on the grinder spindle with a flange when in use. Generally, metal bond products use steel and alloy steel powder as the matrix; resin bonding products use aluminum alloy and bakelite as the matrix. Processed from aluminum, steel or bakelite, it plays the role of supporting the working layer and mounting the grinding tool. The quality of the grinding wheel and the accuracy of its use are closely related to the matrix.

2. Characteristics

Diamond grinding wheels are super-hard abrasive grinding wheels. Compared with ordinary abrasive grinding wheels, they have very obvious characteristics and advantages:

(1) The hardness of the diamond abrasive determines the main characteristics of the diamond grinding wheel. It can efficiently grind difficult-to-machine materials such as carbide, glass, and ceramics, and the grinding tool has the longest service life.

(2) Diamond has high wear resistance. The smaller the wear of the grinding wheel, the longer the use time. In the grinding process, the size, shape and morphology of the diamond abrasive particles change little, which is more suitable for high-precision processing. And with high production efficiency, the diamond grinding wheel is a tool that can meet both high efficiency and precision processing.

(3) The sharpened diamond grinding wheel can maintain the micro-edge properties of the abrasive grains for a long time. The good cutting performance ensures a small grinding force during the grinding process, thus reducing the grinding power and saving energy.

(4) Diamond has very good thermal conductivity, which is conducive to the evacuation of heat, avoids burns, cracks, and falling pieces of the workpiece, and greatly improves the quality of the surface processing of the workpiece.